iBeacon app uncovers exclusive Parisian cocktails

Renowned cognac company with nearly 300 years of experience, Rémy Martin, and Amsterdam based mobile appinnovators, LabWerk, have partnered together ahead of upcoming pop-up exhibit Futur Hériage by Rémy Martin to release an iBeacon enabled mobile app.

One of the first mobile applications of its type to be used in France, the Futur Héritage by Rémy Martin app utilises the emerging technology of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) iBeacons to provide timely and relevant information to users based on their location at the exhibit and around Paris.

The Rémy Martin exhibition explores the theme of Rémyxology - a term derived from the world of cocktails known for its mixture of flavours, colours and materials -showcasing 10 creative, cocktail themed, design concepts. A beacon accompanies each concept putting the story behind each concept at the viewer’s fingertips through location based notifications in the Rémy Martin app when each concept is approached for viewing.

Beyond the exhibition, and upon entering any of the six participating Parisian bars, the Rémy Martin iBeacons will trigger a push notification informing exhibit-goers of an exclusively available Rémy Martin cocktail. These beacons also unlock a host of additional information within the app about the cocktail, including bartender’s notes, images and an ingredients list.

iBeacon technology is still a new tool which is increasing lybeing added to the communications suite of companies and,according to LabWerk CEO, Floris Boekel, is becoming the latest feature in new mobile apps and gaining the attention of big brands globally.

“We are continually seeing new uses for iBeacon technology and are always coming up with new ideas and use cases for how iBeacons can improve a customer’s experience” Boekel said. “The LabWerk solution for Rémy Martin is a great example of this and quite unique in the way connects an exhibition and multiple venues around the city of Paris delivering and unlocking location specific content to users.”

“Partnering with Rémy Martin has been a great opportunity for LabWerk to showcase one more way iBeacon technology can be implemented beyond the museum environment and our museum iBeacon platform, mApp.”

The Rémy Martin pop-up exhibit is running throughout Paris Design Week from September 6-13, the first of many stops in the Futur Héritage by Rémy Martin exhibit, and the cocktail experience, as it travels around the world.

The Futur Héritage by Rémy Martin application can be downloaded from the Apple App store or by visiting http://app.remymartin.com.

About Rémy Martin

Founded in 1724, Rémy Martin is a specialist producer of Fine Champagne Cognac. As part of the Futur Héritage byRémy Martin pop-up exhibition, 10 cocktail inspired design concepts will be available for viewing from 6 to 13 September. Exclusive Rémy Martin cocktails are available in the following bars:

-Lipstick - 5 rue Frochot, 75009 Paris

-Andy Wahloo - 69 Rue des Gravilliers, 75003 Paris

-Le Royal Monceau - 37 Avenue Hoche, 75008 Paris

-Lockwood - 73 Rue d'Aboukir, 75002 Paris

-Calbar - 82 Rue de Charenton, 75012 Paris

-Molitor - 2 avenue de la Porte Molitor, 75016 Paris

For more information, visit www.remymartin.com

Rémy Martin encourages responsible consumption. The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health. For more information, visit www.responsibledrinking.eu. Do not share it with people under the legal alcohol drinking age and/or purchasing age in their country of residence.

"The LabWerk solution for Rémy Martin is a great example of this and quite unique in the way connects an exhibition and multiple venues around the city of Paris delivering and unlocking location specific content to users." Floris Boekel, CEO LabWerk
About LabWerk

LabWerk is an Amsterdam based start-up creating innovative applications using iBeacon technology. Our platform connects the on- and off-line worlds, enabling companies to communicate with their customers when they are visiting your business. LabWerk’s all-in-one platform enables a unique user experience through localized content delivery, accurate indoor navigation, contactless payments, and services like foot traffic tracking and on-site customer behaviour analytics. For more information, visit www.labwerk.com