TU Delft Library achieves innovative first with the introduction of iBeacons

27 October — TU Delft Library is the first library in Europe to use iBeacon technology. The university has launched a Library Tour app, which uses technology provided by LabWerk, an Amsterdam start-up. By introducing the Library Tour, students are able to enjoy an interactive, user-friendly tour of the university library at TU Delft. The app has now been nominated for the 2015 Innovation for Information award.

May 2015

  1. May 15

    iBeacon technology first for European Zoo

    Italy’s ZOOM Torino Biopark has released a visitor mobile app to offer a full edutainment experience. Developed by LabWerk, the app utilizes iBeacon technology to unlock additional content based on a visitor’s location, offer an interactive map, and allow visitors to earn coupons and rewards during their visit.

February 2015

  1. Feb 10

    Harvard museum to implement iBeacons

    A Harvard University museum has signed a deal to enhance their visitors’ experience through a mobile app with the commissioning of mApp, iBeacon platform for museums by Dutch developers LabWerk. Development of the CHSI app has begun and will be available for download from mid-2015.

September 2014

  1. Sep 05

    iBeacon app uncovers exclusive Parisian cocktails

    Renowned cognac company with nearly 300 years of experience, Rémy Martin, and Amsterdam based mobile appinnovators, LabWerk, have partnered together ahead of upcoming pop-up exhibit Futur Hériage by Rémy Martin to release an iBeacon enabled mobile app.

June 2014

  1. Jun 19

    Dutch startup LabWerk opens new office in London

    LabWerk, the Dutch based tech start-up responsible for developing Europe’s first mobile app solution using Apple's new iBeacon technology for museums and galleries, has opened a new office in London. LabWerk experienced a surge in enquiries about mApp, the app for museums and galleries internationally including the UK. It prompted the decision to open an office in London. LabWerk is currently building partnerships in Australia, Italy, Norway and Mexico while also working on a new indoor-posit...

April 2014

  1. Apr 08

    mApp: First iBeacon platform for museums

    LabWerk’s newly launched museum platform, mApp, is ready to redefine the visitor experience. Through the use of iBeacon technology, the latest tool in location based communication and engagement, mApp has been specially designed to boost visitor engagement, create personalized interactions, and take content delivery to the next level.

January 2014

  1. Jan 23

    Theme park Fluwel's Tulpenland introduces a mobile guide with iBeacon technology

    A European first: The Dutch theme park Fluwel's Tulpenland has announced the creation of an app which gives information relating to what visitors are seeing on their mobile device they progress through the park. This unique experience uses the latest iBeacon technology from Apple and is being developed by Dutch agency LabWerk.
  2. Jan 23

    European exclusive: First theme park iBeacon app in the Netherlands

    Theme park Fluwel's Tulpenland has announced the creation of an app which will use iBeacon technology. Users of the app will receive extra information on their mobile device based on their location within the park. This is the first time this technology will be used in a European theme park. The technology is being developed by Dutch agency LabWerk.